Like millions of other good, decent Americans who can see past their own bank account balances to vote for interests that seek to serve every American and, as he would say, "not just the top 1%", I have been quite impressed with the race that Bernie Sanders has run to be president.

Sadly, he just so happens to be up against someone who will say anything at anytime and willfully look the other way while her own staffers and supporters pull every skeezy dirty trick in the book.

The only thing worse than someone whose name is constantly associated with scandal and the enabling of Wall St. crimes against humanity, is someone who votes for such a person. I am literally struck dumb on a daily basis by the self-righteous ramblings of those who consistently vote against their own interests simply because "Clinton" is the only name on the entire ballot that they recognize when it comes time to pull the lever.

Bernie Sanders has led an admirable campaign thus far, refusing to get down in the muck with Clinton, but that sort of tact will get him only so far.

Luckily, there's "Dirty Bernie", Sanders' fresh-out-of-fucks alter ego who says what acts as a sort of translator of sorts for the kinder, gentler Bernie Sanders who can't bring himself to appear hostile by speaking THE TRUTH that everybody in the room, nay, the country knows that he's thinking!

In saying, "I like Hillary Clinton. I respect Hillary Clinton!", Bernie Sanders is being overly kind and respectful to one person and one person only while, at the same time, kicking every last one of us with eyes and ears in the naughty bits. Much to his credit, and our dismay, Sanders flat-out refuses to call out Mrs. Clinton for standing for absolutely nothing, which conveniently frees her up to then agree with most of which Sanders stands for when it politically suits her.

That's why it's important now, more than ever, that "Dirty Bernie" have his say.

R.I.P. Lemmy Kilmister
First off, it's impossible to continue without first expressing my sorrow of the loss of Lemmy Kilmister in late 2015 and David Bowie earlier this month. Both of these artists were one-of-a-kind in their relentless dedication to their craft.  They also taught us the proper way to enjoy the spoils of one's own respective success (i.e., sex, drugs and...). Lemmy and David were two originals who each lived extraordinary lives and we remain in awe of them.

With February less than two days away, we here in The Mitten State are in what you might call semi-suspended animation. We go to work only because we have to and put off whatever errands we can in order to continue binge-watching TV whilst curled up in the fetal position. Those of us lucky enough to have pets achieve a level of warmth that is, in a word, heavenly.

Long story short, the ol' cornhole business in these parts tapers off quite abruptly once the snow starts to fly. The down-time affords us the time to refuel our batteries, do anything but think about Lemmy Cornhole for awhile, and then start planning Summer 2016!

That's why I've shuttered the store that I've been hosting on Shopify. It's only $30 a month to maintain, but I run a tight ship and that money can be put toward something else useful to the cause. In the meantime I'm gonna give Etsy a try, as I discovered that it offers many of the same features that Shopify offers.

THE GOOD: That's $30 a month I save.

THE BAD: Etsy doesn't provide any sort of custom URL, so no directing to my Etsy shop (which I'm woefully behind in stocking, forgive me). By directing here, my hope is that it'll be easy enough to direct you to my shop from here...I hope.

Ah well, "life...the eternal experiment".