Saturday, May 27, 2017

Adios Mopho, Adios!

Posted By: LilDevil Productions - 8:51 PM


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Just between you and me, one of the best steals in analog synthdom is Dave Smith's Mopho. It's a mono synth that comes with presets (for those adverse to tweaking) but really comes alive when you start tweaking knobs. What makes this little box rock, though, is the filter.

Let's say you do most of your work after everybody else has gone to bed and have a guitar running from your Line 6 modeling amp into your DAW. Wanna warm it up a little? Run it thru your Dave Smith filter and then into your DAW. What you get is warmer, punchier, and always sits nicely in the mix with a minimum of fuss.

Either I sell one or I admit that I'm a Mopho hoarder. This one has been spiced up with a coat of Duratex on the wooden sides. Looks AMAZING!

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