Thursday, September 13, 2018

I Will Never Hire A Salesperson!

One thing you will quickly realize when you start your own business is that new businesses are targeted by all sorts of sales people trying to sell you everything from health insurance to office supplies to bulk recycled toilet paper.

Bottom line: The minute you put up your shingle and the phone begins ringing, it won't be customers, it will be sales jerks trying to sell you something.

When this happened to me, after about the tenth cold call of the once-bright morning, I stopped the dude mid-pitch and said, "I just have to know for my own peace of mind, what horrible thing did you do in your life to wind up in a job where you cold call people all day to sell them something they don't want?"

"I run the company," said the salesperson.

"Why don't you have a real job?" I responded. "At some point, you did something that, in your eyes, made you unemployable and, thus, only worthy of a gig in telemarketing. So what did you do?"

"Seven years in Joliet," came the response.

It was his honesty that sold me on that pallet of recycled tissue, darn it.

Even so, I maintain a hatred of sales as a profession. To those who say it is integral to any business's success, I roll my eyes in your general direction and ask


By that, I mean: What if we were forced to rely upon the quality and uniqueness of our product to sell itself?

The few (yes, few) who survive would do so by delivering a superior product.

By doing so, with no energy wasted on boastful ads and such, you let the power of word-of-mouth start a conversation with the world that eventually spreads far and wide.

Anyone who sees my work who then tells someone else about it, or, better yet, posts it on social media picks up the conversation and shares it with their social media audience. In doing so, a conversation takes place that no amount of ad money could have purchased.

That's what its all about: I make. You buy. We both walk away giggling.